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TIFO Magazine is a premium biannual publication documenting supporter subculture in football. The publication uses an unconventional approach to collecting stories which celebrate the worlds game. As a multilingual magazine, we're able to gather content from various perspectives and offer these stories to a broader audience.


Unity of Devotion


David Oliva

The 18th edition of the Mondiali Antirazzisti is welcoming 168 teams from around the world to "compete" in the annual tournament. Because the festival's foundation is based on several anti-discriminatory causes such as racism, sexism and homophobia, the word "compete" is used very loosely on these grounds. Teams from Italy, Germany, Cameroon, Morocco, Slovakia and Canada - of course - amongst many others are here representing their shared values as well as their origins. The tourney takes place over four days on 13 pitches overlooking the Castelfranco farmland. Volunteers participate in building and placing the goals, lines and embellishing the perimeter with an array of supporters' and organizations' banners.

At the Mondiali, everyone sings for the same cause. And as per the "competitive factor - the winner is decided strictly from a penalty shoot out which is scheduled as of the quarter finals while chants like "let us play in peace," are sung.