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TIFO Magazine is a premium biannual publication documenting supporter subculture in football. The publication uses an unconventional approach to collecting stories which celebrate the worlds game. As a multilingual magazine, we're able to gather content from various perspectives and offer these stories to a broader audience.

He Who Betrays


Unity of Devotion

He Who Betrays

Gianni Venturino

A tradition in English football that is as iconic as the team itself is Liverpool’s pre-match anthem. Sung by thousands in mass chorus, “You’ll Never Walk Alone”, can be heard echoing the streets around the stadium. The song, original recorded in 1945 as a show-tunes song, was rerecorded by local band, Gerry and the Pacemakers. A song which TIFO cover artist Alessandro Moroder encapsulates with his timeless art installation. Legend has it that a local radio station in the northeastern city would play their weekly top 10, in descending order. Unbeknownst to the station, the weeks’ number one song would typically correspond to the start of each home match. After the song fell off the charts, fans associated the beginning of the game with said song, creating a new tradition that has been in place for over 50 years. The song title is written on the team’s crest, jerseys, scarves, and most ironically, on their stadium’s entrance gate. This tradition became so popular that other non-English speaking clubs have since re-appropriated it into their traditions, teams such as the Netherlands’ Feyenoord, Germany’s Borussia Dortmund, and even Japan’s F.C.. Tokyo.

In the winter of 2011, beloved Spanish international striker Fernando Torres stated, “My commitment and loyalty to the club (Liverpool F.C..) and to the fans is the same as it was on my first day when I signed”, four months later, and after an Illustrious four-years at the club, he completed a bitter transfer to rival southwestern London club Chelsea F.C.

This neon directly references a banner from a Liverpool supporter directed at Torres upon his return to the place where he called home stating, “He Who Betrays Will Always Walk Alone”. A simple cotton banner with bold black spray paint letters reveal a haunting, and clever, statement that paints the player as someone who was clearly once cherished but has now crossed the divide.