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Unity of Devotion

Mondiali Antirazzisti - Final Reflections

Gianni Venturino

Back in Rome following the Mondiali Antirazzisti and our work has never felt so important.  After 8 days of volunteering, hosting workshops, and making contacts for future issues we can definitely conclude that our experience great success.   Supporters from all over the world united by anti racism and anti fascism playing in a 168 team 7 a side football tournament; together with youth groups, grass-roots organizations, and Migrant associations.  From the Football Supporters Europe (FSE) Fans Congress, to working with the YAP volunteers, to dancing till early morning with Ultras from some of Europe’s biggest clubs, its hard to describe the feeling that comes over you at the Bosco Albergati. An overwhelming sense of euphoria sparked by the togetherness and unity that is brought on by a love football and music, and disdain for all forms of prejudice.  The Mondiali are special because they are truly more than football.  Out here, under the Emilian sun the Italian Partizan spirit, rooted in fighting racism, seems to take hold of you.

In the future, we want to work together with these institutions to continue to improve and build upon the Mondiali Antirazzisti.  Like most great things, the Mondiali more than just an event, they are an idea that aims to use sport to really break down our differences and find common ground.  By removing people from their comfort zones, bringing them into tents, surrounded by different languages and cultures, you find people everywhere showing the best of themselves.  Its not just about Ultras, and supporters.  It is about everyone coming together, from different aspects of society, and uniting under a message that the supporters promote and display on the terraces week in and week out.  That is the power of their movement, and through the Mondiali they are able to grow, and expand their contacts and social awareness.

Where supporters groups may find themselves preaching to the quire in their local gatherings.  In Castelfranco, they are engaging with the world, not via satellite tv, but in a much more meaningful way.