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TIFO Magazine is a premium biannual publication documenting supporter subculture in football. The publication uses an unconventional approach to collecting stories which celebrate the worlds game. As a multilingual magazine, we're able to gather content from various perspectives and offer these stories to a broader audience.

When The Air Was Clean


Unity of Devotion

When The Air Was Clean

David Oliva

The Stadio Flaminio, designed by Antonio Nervi, was completed in 1959 and was mostly devoted to football matches, even serving as the venue for the football final in the 1960 Olympics. In the past, this stadium has been the site for a number of both AS. Roma, and SS Lazio matches, when both teams needed an alternative to the better known Stadio Olimpico. This stadium remains significant in Rome as a symbol for pre modern football. The football of the past when stadiums were built exclusively for the purpose of hosting sporting events, and without the influence of corporate sponsors.

Today, this stadium is being re-purposed to accommodate the activities of the Football Association, who intend on making it into a training center for the Under-21 national team and bellow. Although it is too early to comment on the project, the intentions seem fitting for such a symbolic ground. By using it to host youth football at the highest level, they are returning to a time in which the motivation for playing is the game itself, rather then the big money sponsors that sustain it.

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