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TIFO Magazine is a premium biannual publication documenting supporter subculture in football. The publication uses an unconventional approach to collecting stories which celebrate the worlds game. As a multilingual magazine, we're able to gather content from various perspectives and offer these stories to a broader audience.


Unity of Devotion


Gianni Venturino

JOC is a youth organization for and by the youth. We take action against repression, racism, as well as housing, and workers' rights. We are an anti-capitalist organization. The youth is an important part of the power of the oppressed; we want to contribute to taking it back. In the face of rising islamophobia and racism in general, we are an active in anti-racist and antifascist organization. For example: in Liege, Belgium, we do work against the way our society sees and acts with migrants through hiphop and art events that promote exchanges and encounters.  In april members of JOC manages to blocked a far-right meeting in Brussels. We were attacked by skinheads but fought back and won after having out numbered the attackers. After the May elections we organized a demonstration against the presence of the far right in the European parliament. 2500 youth took the street and traveled from the European parliament to the European commission denouncing the violence and brutality of fascism but also linking their rise to the attacks on our social well being that are being led by the European states and the commission.  For us their can be no peace, equality or future within capitalism.

We are not a football-linked organization. But our youth play football and we took the initiative to visit the Mondiali Antirazzisti and live the experience of this communal effort against discrimination. We are enthusiastic about the solidarity and fair play shown on the fields. Sports - football in particular - unites the masses. The general mood of camaraderie, friendship and exchange outside of the playing field is also rich. We're overflowing with ideas to bring back home and test in our home town.

Our experiences with the organizations, volunteers, supporter groups and ultras were all very enlightening. JOC is enthusiastic about embracing the lessons we've learned and will attempt to replicate them through our organization by using football as an activation for the first time.

In Belgium, JOC would like to mix its activities, with the two other “worlds” present here in bologna; the young migrants who live through racism on a daily basis via their associations, and the world of left wing ultras. Essentially, we'd like to revisit the Mondiali, continue to learn and collaborate with the various entities here, and eventually launch a similar tournament including the conferences, debates and work shops.

But this is for the future. Right now we are grateful for this fantastic moment, for all the people we met on football grounds and for all those who made this huge event possible. So love the game, fight racism and smash fascism.